Our Product Range:

  • Herbal Extracts

    Top products at VIDYA EUROPE:

    • Green coffee extract 60%
    • Coleus Extract 10%-40%
    • Guggul  Extract 20%
    • Ginger Extract  5%
    • EU-Bilberry Extract 25
    • Turmeric Extract 95% (powder/granules/organic & bioavailable)


  • Carotenoids

    Our Cartenoids:

    • Natural Betacarotene
    • Tomatoe Lycopene
    • Lutein Esters
    • Lutein Free
    • Zeaxanthine
    • Astaxanthine


  • Vi-Active
    coffee bean-small

    Our Vi-Active Series fully bioactive herbal extracts come with all safety  and human clinical studies:

    • Vi-Active Turmeric
    • Vi-Active Resveratorl
    • Vi-Active Guggul
    • Slimferin
    • CGA-7-Complex


  • Organic Extracts
    coffee bean-small

    ECOCERT (EOS) Certified Organic Extracts:

    • Organic Green Coffee Extract 100% Water soluble
    • Organic Ginger Extract 100% Water soluble
    • Organic Turmeric Extract
    • Organic Tamarind Extract


At VIDYA HERBS  We 100% master the supply chain for the our products starting from the seedling to the final product, our fully integrated supply chain network provides 100% tractability starting from the Seedling, contract farming, Processing, extraction and formulation of the different plant extracts and thus we ensure our customers the best quality products.
We have fully dedicated production unit for producing various kinds of herbal extract and carotenoids, we have 5 production units in South of India with a production capacity over 25 tons per month, thus making VIDYA HERBS the leader in Plant extracts.
Our extracts are high quality 100% natural and formulated to fit your needs. Can be easily integrate into your food supplement formulations (tablets, capsules, .... ) Or as ingredients (natural colors or functional) in food & beverage sectors.


Vidya Europe SAS  is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plant extracts Natural Carotenoids, Spice Extracts, Spice Oleoresines , Green coffee beans, wine from Loire Region France and Organic Extracts. Backed by the parent company Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd India which has got more than a decade of experience in manufacturing extracts, Company’s experienced team of R&D constantly provides Vidya with innovative solutions and support for today’s health and nutrition related markets.

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